Ordering Information

Item Description:  DV8 Esophageal Retractor

Item Number – 14075150

GTIN - 00860222000406


Balloon Length (uninflated)         23cm
Offset                                       7.5cm
Balloon Diameter                       14mm
Catheter Overall Length             77.5cm
Inflation Pressure Max               16 atmospheres (ATM)

Distal and Proximal Radiopaque Markers

Supplied non-sterile

Class 1 Device


The DV8 Retractor, an inflatable balloon retractor created by Manual Surgical Sciences, is used clinically for retraction of organs such as the esophagus.

How It Works

After deployment into the esophagus (orally under general anesthesia), inflation of the balloon provides gentle and effective deviation of the esophagus to place it away from other anatomy. When the procedure is completed, the device is deflated and removed.

The device has two proximal ports - one for balloon inflation/deflation and a separate one for contrast injection into the esophagus.

The images below show the DV8 Retractor before and after inflation.  Superimposing the images shows that significant retraction of the esophagus can be obtained.

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